O nás


The X -TRA POWER GmbH was founded in Germany in 2003 and started the production of a completely new model series of professional jump starter with 12 V and 24 V. The founders behind it with a long experience in the industry wanted to create a new and flawless product for the professional market.

This idea has proved successful , and the composition of the best batteries, components, fuses and charging contacts on the market, has produced a product that work error-free every day. Started with a two -man operation, now a large production and distribution network has evolved.

Xtrapower GmbH manufactures and supplies auxiliary starter for the markets in Germany, Central Europe and Scandinavia. Meanwhile, our customers include also companies and organizations in Dubai, Italy, Turkey and Russia.We still are a small company but are always steady growth and are proud of our products! Give us the chance to convince them of our professionalism and mature products.

Naše filosofie

Our company philosophy contains three points:

1. Performance
The most important fact are the batterys. Common batterys are not suited for this application. The reason therefore is, that the batterys have to achieve within short period a extremly high electricity by a small voltage drop. Because of our expierience and tests for years the Booster uses the best batteries at the market. With the help of the batterys and the worldwide unique eletronic it is possible to reach a incomparable performance.

2. Safety
According to the German industrial injuries corporation happened in the year 2004 about 250 accidents by giving a jump start. This are about start procedure with jumper cable, other batterys, or low qualitiy starting technology with big accidents. We guarantees you unequaled safety, which is decorated with a DEKRA-certifikation. Furthermore we fulfill the safetystandards of the german industrial injuries corporation traffic. Our failure rate is less than 1 % (více informací zde).

3. Product realibility
We will ensure reliability in two ways. On the one hand we are a reliable partner for them, we are happy to take repairs (including external devices), advise you focused and equip also like to support home visits from to you personally. On the other hand, the reliability of our equipment is the highest good. This reliability is manifested by easy handling and long